Sludge thermal valorization

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The re-use of sludge in agriculture, although it is common and sometimes suitable for some type of sludge, it is not the best solution to recover and recycle sludge features.
A better solution, from a technical and economical point of view, is to re-use sludge as fuel thanks to thermal valorization processes in order to recover their energy content and to drastically reduce the quantity to dispose of and to place.
Among other technologies, the thermal valorization on mobile grid of dried sludge, is the most reliable and with the best potential results.

Planned activities within PerFORM WATER 2030

The experimental activities regarding sludge thermal valorization on mobile grid and thermal recovery are part of the Biosolid valorization research line included in PerFORM WATER 2030.
They are closely related to the activities about measurements and modelling for sludge thermal valorization described .
Thanks to PerFORM WATER 2030 it is possible to study thermal valorization process and the abatement of pollutants. This is very important in order to demonstrate the validity and the environmental sustainability of this kind of technology also for the future.

Objectives and expected results

  • Study of thermal valorization process to point out the performances in case of thermal valorization of biological sludge.

  • Evaluation of emissions, after the foreseen treatments, to demonstrate that it is possible to burn sludge without any risk for the environment and in compliance with the Law.

  • Approval of pilot plant configuration and technology applied to thermal valorization, for the commercial proposal.

Description of the activities

  • Design and realization of a mobile grid combustion system on small industrial scale for thermal valorization of dried and pelletted biological sludge.

  • Design and realization of multiple abatement systems for gaseous emissions coming from combustion process.

  • Start-up, operation and monitoring of pilot plant with a scheduled sampling of solid, liquid and gaseous waste to be analysed.

  • Execution of analysis campaign for the characterisation of ashes and of solid and liquid effluents to evaluate the quality of installed abatement systems.

  • Evaluation of combustion performances and validity of the technology.

Pilot site

The experimental activities will be located at San Giuliano Milanese West WWTP (Wastewater treatment plant) operated by CAP Group.
For further information, please refer to the specific web-page dedicated to demonstration sites of PerFORM WATER 2030.

Partners involved

Vomm Impianti e Processi S.p.A. designs and realizes the thermal valorization plant, while CAP Group and DICA-AMB Department of Politecnico di Milano provide their technical and scientific support in the activity of analysis.
Among the activities carried out in partnership with POLIMI DENG Department there is the development of a modelling of the whole thermal valorization process, in order to optimize the project of the combustion chamber and of the grid, together with their monitoring to be applied, in the future, on industrial plants.

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