Analysis of the social acceptability

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Utilities can adopt different management options for the treatment of sludge.
The context in which utilities operate is highly regulated: legislative thresholds are set for undesirable behaviours or technologies, particularly regarding the quality of water and the quality of the service provided.
However, when selecting which management options to adopt, utilities might invest up with regard to the law, particularly in order to limit the impact of effects not covered by regulation that might harm social stakeholders and in order to better fit the general legislation to the specific context of application.

Planned activities within PerFORM WATER 2030

The activities related to the analysis of the social acceptability of different management options for sludge treatment technologies are part of the research line about Economic and social issues included in PerFORM WATER 2030. They are focused on the identification of critical relationships between utilities and social stakeholders.

Objectives and expected results

  • Qualitative mapping of the social stakeholders and of the impacts for different management options for sludge treatment technologies.

  • List of the main technological, managerial and contextual factors that lead to the social acceptability of the management options by the different social stakeholders.

  • Analysis of the factors that lead utilities to the investing up.

Description of the activities

  • Case study analysis in national and European region.

  • Identification of the main social stakeholders.

  • Identification of impacts of different management options.

  • Identification of the main factors that lead the social acceptability of management options.

Partners involved

DIG Department of Politecnico di Milano, provided the support and the basis for the design of the analysis, and the scientific support of the activities. In particular, among the activities by POLIMI the execution of case studies in national and European regions is planned, in order to analyse the factors related to the social acceptability of the different management options.
CAP Group contributed in the identification of effects and of the investing-up actions.

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