Analysis of operation & maintenance phases

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The analysis of the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) phases of the physical assets in the utility allows to understand the most meaningful investment and operational costs for the technologies within the managed plants; besides, it allows to understand the criteria that guide the selection of a technology.
More specifically, an utility may own more than one treatment plant; it is then interesting to understand if and how the selected management models depend on the region/country and on the local community where each single plant is installed.

Planned activities within PerFORM WATER 2030

The activities related to the analysis of the management modality of the O&M phases are part of the research line about Economic and social issues included in PerFORM WATER 2030. They are focused on the identification of the proper O&M management models.

Objectives and expected results

  • Mapping and analysis of the more proper management models of the O&M phases for analogous technologies.

  • Identification of related investment and operational costs

Description of the activities

  • Case study analysis in national and European region.

  • Identification of the management models of O&M phases for analogous technologies in given contextual scenario.

  • Identification of the structure of related investment, maintenance and operation costs in given contextual scenarios.

Partners involved

DIG Department of Politecnico di Milano, provided the support and the basis for the design of the analysis and the scientific support of the activities. In particular, among the activities by POLIMI the execution of case studies in national and European regions is planned, in order to analyse the management modalities of the Operation & Maintenance phases.
CAP Group contributed in reaching other utilities within the scope of the research project.

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