Sewage sludge: management and regulatory implications

Conference on 25th October 2019 dedicated to the debate on the reuse/disposal of sewage sludge

The event organized at the COMO NExT Technology Park was of great interest: 140 participants (and 50 people on the waiting list, who unfortunately counldn't be registered) confirm that the issue of sewage sludge treatment is really relevant.

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Roberto Canziani (Full Professor at Politecnico di Milano) moderated the intervention of 12 speakers, setting the conference's focus on the management of sewage sludge. Sludge management issues were discussed, even animatedly, comparing the Italian situation (G. Gallina, Regione Lombardia) with the Swiss one (Antonio Pessina, Environmental sector of Canton Ticino). The interventions covered both the issues of anaerobic digestion and sludge reduction (Prof. Francesca Malpei, Politecnico di MIlano) that the possibility of recovering material from sludge (Prof. Nicola Frison, University of Verona). Technologies such as the hydrothermal reduction of sludge were presented (Prof. Luca Fiori, University of Trento) and co-incineration (Eng. Daniele De Lodovici, W.T.E. Srl). Eng. Andrea Lanuzza (CAP Group) presented CAP Group's point of view and its investment plan including the PerFORM WATER 2030 project and the CAP-CORE project, while the intervention of Eng. Matteo Salmaso (Uniacque Bergamo) gave an overview of the water utilities' point of view. Eng. Pietro Negro (NM ingegneria Srl) and Eng. Domiziano Basilico (SEAM engineering Srl) presented an economic comparison between various interventions that are, in light of the costs of sludge disposal, highly current. A poster displayed in the event's room presented the PerFORM WATER 2030 project as a whole, illustrating in high detail the activities regarding recovery of material in charge to SEAM engineering.

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