Podcast: process engineering applied to the circular economy, one among the professions of the future

A podcast of the series "The jobs of tomorrow" on Radio 24 about a specialized profession linked to the waste-to-energy process of sludge

In episode no. 83 of the podcast series "The jobs of tomorrow" by Radio 24 , the radio of Il Sole 24 ORE, an interview with VOMM's thermal process engineer Marco Giampiccolo, who collaborates in the project activities of PerFORM WATER 2030.
Eng. Giampiccolo intervened in the program to describe his professional career as a specialist in waste-to-energy treatment of sewage sludge, and to tell his vision for the future of the circular economy.

The thermal process engineer: who he is and what does he do

The jobs of tomorrow, episode no. 83

Podcast broadcasted on 24 January 2021, with the intervention of Eng. Giampiccolo (italian language only)

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