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Generic placeholder image CAP Group is the 100% publicly-funded company that manages the integrated water service in the Metropolitan City of Milan and various other municipalities in the provinces of Monza and Brianza, Pavia, Varese and Como, according to the in house providing model, guaranteeing the public control of the member bodies in accordance with the principles of transparency, responsibility and participation.
Thanks to its size and its assets of almost €800 million, and with over €1 billion in invested capital, the CAP Group is one of the leading monoutility companies in Italy, guaranteeing the integrated water service to over 2.5 million inhabitants.

The Group consists of the companies CAP Holding and Amiacque. Parent company CAP Holding manages the legacy of networks and plants, plans and makes investments, oversees strategy and financial control, and invests in knowledge and informatisation. Amiacque is the Group’s operating company and guarantees the general public in the area served the supply of drinking water and the entire range of services regarding the intake, use, collection and purification of wastewater and the return of discharge water, at the same time guaranteeing the protection and safeguarding of water resources, the community and the environment.
On average, every year the CAP Group supplies 260 million cubic metres of water through a 6.500 km-long water network and 740 wells. The sewage network is 6.800 kilometres long with 40 treatment plants. The Group also manages 300 purification plants and over 150 Water Houses giving it complete control over the water cycle. The CAP Group 2018-2022 Investment Plan has set aside €539.3 million to meet water infrastructure requirements and support the economic and social development of the territory.

Recently, the CAP Group won the Top Utility award as the best public company in the Research & Innovation sector, assigned “for having dedicated a substantial part of its resources to Research and Innovation, activating numerous projects with a view to sustainability, circular economy, quality and digitization". Awarded for the fifth consecutive year, CAP Group achieved the Top Utility Absolute award in 2017 and the Top Utility Communication award last year.

The company is also one of the protagonists of the Water Alliance, the network of 8 companies from Lombardy that operate in the sphere of the public management of water, set up in 2015 to establish synergies, implement economies of scale and work together for the organic development of the territory.
The CAP Group was one of the founders of APE - Aqua Publica Europea, the international association of public water operators. The chairman of the CAP Group is currently the vice chairman of APE.

CAP Group, PerFORM WATER 2030 Project Coordinator, is engaged in activities included in all research areas, dealing with:

  • Operational and technical-scientific coordination, in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano

  • Implementation of the research, development and validation platform of technologies and decision-making tools

  • Specialized activity for the introduction of pilot plants in CAP Group's operating plants

  • Specialized activity for the development of research activities on topics of interest for the Integrated Water Service

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