Generic placeholder image GeneGIS GI is a service company in the ICT area specialized in the field of Geospatial Science.

The acronym GI, standing for Geographical Intelligence, underlines the strong focus of GeneGIS in the ‚Äč‚Äčtechnical knowledge area based on the full understanding of the geographical data, which involves monitoring technologies of areas and objects, drones aided and satellites survey and logistics processes of tracking and tracing.

GeneGIS GI is able to operate on a vast range of needs which includes logistics, commercial planning, management of infrastructure networks, environmental protection and socio-economic planning. GeneGIS offers a complete range of services ranging from data acquisition to data processing and from the development of customized software applications to staff training.

GeneGIS GI's core business is focused on:

  • design, development and implementation of software and geographic databases

  • consultancy and training on advanced systems involving spatial data

  • production and distribution of geographic data through multimedia and web technology, using advanced GIS standards

  • survey and acquisition of data through advanced instruments (laser scanner, UAV, etc.)

  • implementation of 3D numerical models of sites and infrastructures (here you can find a demo 3D viewer of Brenva Glacier, Mont Blanc)

GeneGIS GI is committed into a constant research activity in the spatial data technologies field in order to identify, test and apply innovation elements capable of generating benefits and added value to the offered solutions offered. The focus is on new technologies and innovative processes capable of responding to the social and organizational changes, characterizing the society in which we operate.

Video: 3D laser scanner survey of Turin

Video: project PULSE's Webgis

As a partner of the PerFORM WATER 2030 project, GeneGIS GI is involved in the Transversal activities of implementation and dissemination and is committed into the design and realisation of the project integrated web platform for experimentation activities and results spreading.

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