The Istituto di Ricerca sulle Acque (IRSA) is an Istitute of the Italian National Research Council (CNR), involved in multidisciplinary research activities on principal aspects regarding water (quality, management, treatment) and soil remediation. IRSA-CNR operates as technical consulent for Ministries, UE Commissions, Regions and local Authorities as well as for private companies.

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IRSA-CNR employs more than 145 researchers and technologists as permanent research staff, spread over five locations: Rome (headquarter), Bari, Brugherio (MB), Pallanza (VB) and Taranto.

The Brugherio (MB) unit, particularly, has develped competencies on processes regarding contaminant ripartition and their possible effects on aquatic organisms and on ecological classification of water ecosystems.
The research staff involved in the present project, works mainly on the contaminant behaviour (sources, diffusion and impact) and on risk assessment of priority and emergent pollutants. The evaluation of pollutant degradation products and/or metabolites in different environmental compartments (water, sediments and interactions with aquatic organisms) has been also studied.

As a partner of the PerFORM WATER 2030 project, IRSA-CNR is involved in the Water themathic area and is committed into:

Micropollutant categories considered in present experiments at San Giuliano Milanese East & San Giuliano Milanese West WWTPs are: pharmaceuticals, personal care and cleaning products, industrial pollutants, flame retardants and trace elements.
For some micropollutants, the investigation will be carried out both on water and sludge samples.

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