VOMM Impianti e Processi S.p.A. is part of Ambiente e Nutrizione Holding together with Zini Prodotti Alimentari S.p.A., VOMM Service Srl and GeoTeck.

VOMM Impianti e Processi was founded in 1969 with the aim to design and develop high efficiency continuous thermal plants thanks to its own technologies and patents.

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VOMM Turbo Technology, which has been applied to more than 500 plants, today is a benchmark in the field of thermal drying, concentration, ultra-concentration, cooking and granulation of different kind of products.
Since many years, the environmental sector is the most important for Vomm Impianti e Processi S.p.A., with a particular focus on thermal drying of sludge.

VOMM Impianti e Processi, as a partner of the PerFORM WATER 2030 project, will carry out pilot scale experimental activities regarding sludge thermal treatments in the San Giuliano Milanese West wastewater treatment plant operated by CAP Group.

VOMM is involved in the Biosolid valorization research line and is committed into Sludge thermal valorization and into Measurements and modelling for the thermal treatment of biological sludge, operating with technical and scientific support from Politecnico di Milano.

VOMM is also involved in the Recovery of energy and materials research line and is committed into Phosphorus recovery from sewage sludge ashes, operating with technical and scientific support from Politecnico di Milano.

Within the project's activities about sludge thermal treatments, VOMM is involved in:

  • engineering and construction of a pilot plant for biological sludge thermal-valorization

  • plant running and conduction of experimental measurement campaigns

  • analysis of the emissions coming from the combustion process, in collaboration with CAP and Politecnico di Milano evaluating the efficiency of installed abatement systems

  • scientific research activity performed through the modelling of sludge combustion on grate in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano

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