PerFORM WATER 2030 intends to create a long-term experimental platform for research, development and validation of innovative technologies, processes and decision-making tools, in order to assure an increasingly efficient management of the public urban water.

The vision that inspired the activities of PerFORM WATER 2030 is well summarized in the words pronounced by Alessandro Russo, president and CEO of CAP Group, during the presentation of the project.

"With PerFORM WATER 2030 we want to transform our plants and our structures into real living laboratories for innovation.
The goal is to create a network of industrial companies and research centers that, with a multidisciplinary approach, can contribute to innovation in the sectors that characterize our activity: water quality, energy recovery and resources with a view to circular economy, cost analysis and pricing.‚ÄĚ

Alessandro Russo, CAP Group's president and CEO

Vision and strategy

PerFORM WATER 2030 will create a living lab of strategic importance for the public water management sector. Innovative technologies and practices will promote a more efficient and sustainable future for the Integrated urban water management. The project aims to support water utility managers, so that they can act as key players and promoters of innovation in the water sector.

The project will take place in various wastewater treatment plants managed by CAP Group in the Metropolitan City of Milan and it will focus on 4 main thematic areas, whose research activities will be supported by transversal implementation and dissemination actions (or further information, please refer to the specific web-page dedicated to project activities of PerFORM WATER 2030).


This themathic area includes drinking water quality and its network optimization, monitoring and removal of emerging contaminants, monitoring and reduction of gaseous emissions into atmosphere and wastewater treatment processes optimization.

Biosolid valorization

The planning and activation of measures to reduce the quantity of sludge produced during the purification phase is envisaged.
This line of action also includes an action aimed at thermally exploiting the sludge, recovering energy and raw materials from purification activities.

Recovery of energy and materials

This thematic area is addressed to the recovery of materials and energy in wastewater treatment plants, the upgrade of biogas to biomethane and the optimization of anaerobic digestion.

Economic and social issues

An extensive assessment of the economic and social acceptance of new technologies is carried out by involving stakeholders and by an advanced analysis of costs and pricing strategies for the water service.

Innovation as a way to solve present challenges

PerFORM WATER 2030 is a unique opportunity for the Lombardy Region and the entire country to create a widespread research platform for the development of technologies and decision-making tools aimed at improving the performance of the Integrated urban water management.

Professor Francesca Malpei of Politecnico di Milano, describes about the complex relationship between challenges and innovation in the Integrated urban water management that is a main theme of the PerFORM WATER 2030 project:

‚ÄúPerFORM WATER 2030 will promote the development of innovative technologies and new methodological approaches to sector-oriented research, thus leading to new paradigms in water management, in the perspective of sustainability, resource recovery and circularity‚ÄĚ.

Francesca Malpei, full professor of Wastewater Treatment at Politecnico di Milano and scientific coordinator of the project

Research and experimentation in wastewater treatment plants
Desdemona Oliva - Research & Development Director - CAP Group

Innovation: project's expected results and perspectives
Francesca Malpei - Scientific coordinator - Politecnico di Milano

Lombardy Region funding

PerFORM WATER 2030 project is funded within the framework of the European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020 and the Lombardy Region call "Accordi per la Ricerca e l'Innovazione".

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See the news on Lombardy Region's Open Innovation web site at this link

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